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Introduction to GIS&T BoK2.0

The GIS&T Body of Knowledge, first published in 2006, is intended as a reference and curricula guide for the vast and ever-expanding field of geographic information science and technology. It is organized into knowledge areas, each with constituent units and lists of topics. Please refer to the BoK for more details on its background, purpose and content.

Collaborative Feedback from the CyberGIS Team

Currently, efforts to revise the BoK are underway and follow a two-part strategy: 1. Evaluating the importance and relevance of the existing material, 2. Suggesting new and/or refined content. Two surveys have been developed for this purpose and are described and available here on the UCGIS website.
While all CyberGIS team members are encouraged to fill out these surveys, this Wiki page is intended to support a group dialog about knowledge areas, units and topics through the lens of CyberGIS. To support the transfer of the results of this dialog to the BoK2.0 steering committee, it is structured in a similar way to the surveys. Please contribute to one or both of the areas below.

Importance and Relevance of Existing Material

The current BoK has 329 topics, organized across the ten knowledge areas as follows:

  • AM Analytical Methods (12 units; 59 topics)
  • CF Conceptual Foundations (6 units; 30 topics)
  • CV Cartography & Visualization (6 units; 27 topics)
  • DA Design Aspects (5 units; 32 topics)
  • DM Data Modeling (3 units; 23 topics)
  • DN Data Manipulation (3 units; 14 topics)
  • GC Geocomputation (9 units; 40 topics)
  • GD Geospatial Data (12 units; 47 topics)
  • GS GIS&T and Society (7 units; 25 topics)
  • OI Organizational and Institutional Aspects (6 units; 32 topics)


The survey either takes you through all 329 topics or selects a random group of 60. In our case, we can self-select which topics we want to discuss (the survey allows this too, but you have to click through all of the topics to find what you want to comment upon). For whatever topics you wish, please include the following information:
0. Your name (you may also add your name to someone else's description if you agree)
1. Topic name, for example "AM1-1 Academic foundations"
2. Rate the importance of topic within GIS&T in 2014: 5 point scale (1-5, low to high relevance or 0 for 'No longer relevant')
3. Rate the description of topic: needs rewriting, needs updating, satisfactory as written, superb as written

Add Your Topic Ratings HERE

New and/or Refined Content

While existing knowledge areas such as 'Analytical Methods', 'Data Manipulation', 'Geocomputation', etc... likely include some topics still relevant to CyberGIS, new topics surely have emerged since 2006. Use the section below to detail these, following the format used in the UCGIS survey.


Please search the BoK first to make sure that your suggestion is not already included, or is, in fact, a revision. Then provide the following:
0. Your name (you may also add your name to someone else's description if you agree)
1. Proposed topic name (include associated knowledge area, or specify new knowledge area), or current name of refined topic, followed by 'Refined'
NOTE: While the survey is intended for refined content as well, it does not provide specific instructions for doing this. If 'Refined', then just make changes to any of the following that you feel are needed.
2. 2-8 bullets that describe topic (240 word maximum)
3. 4-6 topics that are prerequisites for this new topic
4. 4-6 topics for which the newly proposed topic would serve as a prerequisite
5. 4-6 examples of sample software tools, if appropriate
6. 4-6 key references to support this new topic, if appropriate

Click here to see a sample entry for the topic of digital terrain modeling.

Add Your New/Refined Content HERE